Do you get to summer every year and think to yourself you wish you had an air conditioner installed?

D&L is licensed and able to provide all your air conditioning needs from installation to servicing. We ensure your cooling needs by using well-known brands such as Mitsubishi and their Heavy Industries range.

​We provide air conditioning services between the gold coast and the greater Brisbane area.

Is your air conditioner running more but not cooling as much? Contact us today for an inspection. You may just need to service your air-conditioner. We use special products that

  • Kills germs mould spores and bacteria
  • Thoroughly cleans the coil of an air conditioner
  • Saves energy and money from high consumption
  • Eliminates odours, it will leave a fresh minty scent Environmentally friendly and Non-Acidic
  • Removes stains and helps provide a healthier personal environment

Always remember healthy air makes healthy lungs.

Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.